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With us you start at any time around the clock, because your schedule is our flight schedule.


Our flight service

We offer VIP business flights from small jets to midsize and group flights in the Arliner segment. For very urgent cargo (both for production lines and private) we are licensed for transport of dangerous goods, ambulance flights (retrieval if something happens to you abroad).

Whether for your individual short-term business trip or the transport of urgent freight packages – we are available 24 hours a day via our hotline. With us you get everything from a single source!


News about our flight service.

March 2020

New Cessna Citation Jet 2 (CJ2)

New Cessna Citation Jet 2 joins our fleet. With 6 seats and optional bed function, this jet offers excellent comfort.

October 2021

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Catering order according to your wishes
Exclusive in-flight wine and champagne offers

Our travel service for your events:

  • Helicoptershuttle
  • Limousinenservice
  • Hotel booking
  • VIP lounge use
  • Travel planning down to the last detail

Cargo flights

We transport urgent goods up to one tonne immediately with a response time of one hour in 3 hours throughout Europe and for cooperation partners with up to 50 tonnes of cargo.

Passenger flights

We fly you directly to your destination without detours and waiting times and guarantee a response time of 2 hours for a passenger flight until take-off for regular customers!

Ambulance flights

We offer a Europe-wide pick-up service from your holiday and
Organ transport with minimal reaction time.

Our aircraft are optimally equipped with all relevant apparatus and monitoring devices and can transport up to two patients lying down at the same time. Intensive care patients are transported safely and gently for longer periods with our “intensive care stretchers”!

For people who fly a lot, nothing is as valuable as time. Even before exclusive comfort or service, what counts most for them on board and in the airports is perfect timing, efficiency and punctuality. The days of a frequent flyer are often planned and optimised down to the minute. There is no room for delays or waiting times. But this is exactly what frequent flyers have to experience on their business trips almost every day on scheduled flights or already at boarding. In one day, perhaps a quarter of an hour or even an hour is lost. That alone is enough to disrupt the day. If this happens to you only every few days when you fly tens of thousands of miles a year, you will quickly lose several days of your valuable time in a whole year.

Private jets and charter flights give you back that time – and more.

Charter flights with private jets: Gain time

Rent a private jet? Many think such charter flights are only something for the very big corporate executives or celebrities. Do you? Then take a closer look at our offers for renting private jets. In fact, private jets can offer many more passengers than just a small, exclusive circle of people.

  • demand-oriented,
  • efficient and above all
  • economical travel option
  • to virtually any destination around the globe

offer. As a rule, the charter flights not only keep to their schedules, unless extreme weather slows them down, and save their passengers waiting time. They even save their passengers further time.

This works, for example, through their greater flexibility. A smaller private jet can fly to many more small, regional airports than the large aircraft on scheduled flights. This means that passengers do not simply arrive at the next major destination airport, but usually much closer to their actual destination and save long journeys by car or train to their final destination. Day after day, this creates more time for important things and ensures greater efficiency as well as additional leeway in any schedule – and thus pays off in the end through a convincing price-performance ratio.

Flexible booking of exclusive individual and group charters

With tens of thousands of destinations or destination airports worldwide, private aircraft are the ideal mode of transport for the movers and shakers of a globally connected world. A private jet with a suitable range is quickly available whenever it is needed. If you plan a charter flight for a longer period of time, you not only secure a comfortable private aircraft, but also cost advantages at the same time. Just as cost-efficiently, you can always get back on an empty flight – alone or with a group charter, which will take you and others to your destination without long waiting times thanks to fast check-ins as otherwise only possible in the HON Circle. In this way, you can organise entire group trips a bit more efficiently and make them more luxurious for all participants. In many cases, this is even more cost-effective than the group quotas on scheduled flights, if there is still room for everyone among the other passengers.

You want even more? Then you can rent a private jet and enjoy all the luxury of a VIP charter. With exclusive equipment, first-class service and selected flight attendants, passengers want for nothing here from take-off to landing. In addition, a wide range of other services are available to you directly on site at the departure or destination airport.

We would be happy to inform you personally about these and all other charter flights or individual private jets for hire.

Simply call 0342 0470580, send us an email or use our online contact here. We and our private jets are always there for you!