Charter a Citation Sovereign including a stewardess

At FSH Premium Flugservice you can charter private jets in all sizes or configurations – of course we always have one of the most sought-after models for charter flights on offer: the midsize jet Cessna Citation Sovereign.

More about the Cessna Citation Sovereign

The charter or private aircraft of the Citation family are among the most popular machines of the US manufacturer Cessna and dominate the worldwide market for exclusive private jets with different models. All of them belong to the twin-engine charter or business aircraft category. The Sovereign model is at the end of a decade-long development of the Citation private jet series, which Cessna has been showing since the beginning of the seventies. The US manufacturer then entered the new millennium with the Citation Sovereigns. The new Sovereigns are designed for up to twelve passengers, can take off with a weight of almost 14 tonnes and then fly non-stop at around 800 kilometres per hour over distances of almost 5300 kilometres. This means that these private jets can be used effortlessly across the entire European continent to Russia, for flights to the Middle East or North Africa.

With a passenger cabin that is approximately 7.5 metres long and 1.8 metres wide and high, the Cessna Citation Sovereign offers generous and luxurious space for solo travellers, couples and small groups. The interior of most Cessna Citation Sovereigns does not use the maximum passenger capacity, so you can always expect extra comfort and space in these charter aircraft. There is no comparison with a scheduled flight – even in first class.

Technical data Cessna Citation Sovereign

  • Weight: 13,744 kg
  • Number of passengers: 14
  • Length: 7.7 metres
  • Height: 1.73 metres
  • Speed: 850 km/h
  • Range: 5273 km

Cessna Citation Sovereign charter with FSH Premium Flight Service

The Cessna Citation Sovereign private jet is one of the most sought-after charter aircraft of FSH Premium Flugservice. But it is not only here that numerous people want this private jet. Therefore, always book and plan your flight with a Citation Sovereign as early as possible. From a whole range of private jets, we can always offer you this model or others at short notice thanks to our large fleet of aircraft – as well as for booking current empty flights, with which you can then still fly really cheaply in a charter or private jet in the end.

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