Private jet hire – What costs should I expect?

Private jet hire: What are the costs when you book charter flights?

Private planes are only for the super-rich, the big Hollywood stars and professional athletes, corporate or state leaders, many think. But is that really true? After all, more than 70,000 private jets fly passengers across Europe every month. The number shows that there must be many more passengers than just the powerful, the rich and the beautiful. There are some good reasons for this: first and foremost flexibility, time savings and, for many, surprisingly interesting costs of a private jet.

More flexibility with charter flights in private jets

Scheduled flights operate strictly according to plan. The airlines’ schedules are adapted on the one hand to the usual demand for flights and on the other hand to the volume of flights at the departure or destination airport. If you book a scheduled flight, you will inevitably have to adjust your travel plans accordingly. However, flight schedules are not set in stone. Even minor incidents at the airports or in the air can quickly disrupt take-offs and landings. This leads to delays and waiting times. On many days, you also have to expect such waiting times, especially at check-in, and arrive at the airport well before the actual departure time. For short flights within Europe, you will then quickly spend more time at the departure or destination airport and with airport transfers than in the air.

Compare that with a flight on a private jet:

  • Here, you alone determine the departure times when booking your private aircraft and at most have to observe a night flight ban.
  • You have a much greater choice of departure or destination airports because private jets can also use small or regional airports. Scheduled flights can’t get there because the aircraft is too big or the demand for the route is too small.
  • This gives you completely new options when planning your trip.
  • At most airports, the handling of private jet passengers takes place in separate terminals, the General Aviation Terminals (GAT).
  • These are reserved exclusively for passengers of private aircraft.
  • The check-in process is correspondingly relaxed and fast.

In addition to flexibility, you then gain another valuable advantage by booking a charter flight:

Save a lot of time in the private jet

The exclusive handling of charter flights alone saves you an hour or two of waiting time on every flight. For many destinations, this time saving is even multiplied. Europe’s metropolises and many larger cities are connected by scheduled flights, but often there are no direct flights. Cities that are actually only an hour or two away from each other by plane must then be approached in a roundabout way. This extends the flight time only minimally, but you lose a lot of time due to the additional waiting time. In the evening, you may not be able to get any further at an airport and may even have to allow for an overnight stay until you continue to your destination airport.

In private jets, on the other hand, you always fly directly from A to B. Charter flights or private aircraft are only limited by their range. But even light or super light jets of the middle class have a range of around four flying hours. With private jets such as the popular Cessna CJ2, you can then fly comfortably throughout Central Europe. In many cases, you will not only gain a few hours of time, but a whole day.

So in the end, the view of the costs of a private jet is also quite different. Because for most private jet passengers, time is a very scarce commodity or they immediately sign the sentence: time is money. Charter flights help to gain more of it. This puts charter flight costs like those of the following examples clearly into perspective.

What do charter flights cost? The cost of different private jets

Unlike scheduled flights, there are usually no all-inclusive prices for private jets. Our customer advisors determine them individually according to your flight wishes. Nevertheless, it is possible to quote a flat rate for a private aircraft:

  • In a propeller plane, the flight hour in a private jet costs from 1500 euros upwards.
  • First jet aircraft as private jets cost from 2500 euros per flying hour.

Depending on the range you need or the number of passengers, you then choose a suitable private jet like these:

Aircraft categoryExampleRange in ≤flight hoursPassengersapproximate cost per flight hour
PistonDiamond DA42≤ 4 hours≤ two1500 Euro
TurbopropKing Air 200≤ 4,5 hours≤ nine2000 Euro
Light JetCessna Citation CJ2≤ 3,5 hours≤ six3500 Euro
Super Light JetCessna Citation XLS≤ 4 hours≤ twelve4000 Euro
Super Midsize JetCessna Citation Sovereign≤ 6 hours≤ twelve5000 Euro
Ultra Long RangeBombardier Global 6000≤ 10,5 hours≤ thirteen7000 Euro
The prices are without guarantee.

The prices per flight hour apply regardless of the number of passengers on board the private jet. This makes charter flights for smaller groups additionally interesting when you compare the price of the private aircraft with the sum of the ticket prices for the scheduled flight. Moreover, these services are regularly already included in the cost of the private aircraft:

  • Positionierung des Privatjets am gewünschten Startflughafen
  • Positioning of the private jet at the desired take-off airport
  • Fuel costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Crew with pilot(s) and service personnel in the cabin
  • Catering – if the type of private jet allows it
  • Handling, landing and take-off fees for the charter flight

If you use smaller airports with your private jet, the final charges are usually lower than at the major airports. This reduces the cost of the entire flight in a private aircraft. Of course, you can also get additional services around the flight in a private jet if you wish: Helicopter, limousine or shuttle service on site, special catering according to your wishes, interpreter services and much more. However, these comfortable extras increase the price per hour or the total cost of a charter flight.

Likewise, there are always ways to save on private jet travel:

Empty-leg flights: fly private jet at low cost

If you book a charter flight for yourself and other passengers, a suitable private jet may be waiting at your destination anyway. For economic reasons, however, the private jets are usually en route beforehand and are only positioned there specifically for your charter flight. In the same way, the aircraft often do not wait at your destination for your return flight, but take over other charter flights in the meantime. This leads to numerous empty flights – also called empty leg flights.

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