Private Jet Hanover to Mallorca

Hanover Airport or Hanover-Langenhagen Airport is one of the largest airports in Germany and is therefore well prepared for passengers on exclusive charter flights. With these you can fly from Lower Saxony’s capital to many national and international destinations – for example to business meetings or on holiday with a private jet from Hanover to Mallorca.

Enjoy pure luxury even before take-off: private jets from Hanover to Mallorca

When thinking of a private aircraft, the first thing that comes to mind for many is the spacious cabins with luxurious seats and the personal service on board. However, a flight in a private jet from Hanover to Mallorca, for example, has much more luxury in store for you. You gain freedom and time with this charter flight. Although the charter flights take a similar amount of time to reach their destinations as a scheduled aircraft, before and after your flight you will be treated like a first-class VIP in your own private jet terminals. Relax there in noble lounges instead of standing in the queue in the large terminal. But as a passenger on a private jet from Hanover to Mallorca, you hardly have to wait at all. Just a few minutes after your arrival at Hanover Airport, you can go directly on board. Attentive service staff will have already taken your luggage onto the private aircraft. After your arrival on the Balearic island, you will be checked in similarly quickly and can then leave Palma de Mallorca Airport immediately, while other visitors to the island have to stand at the baggage carousel for a long time.

Private Jet Hanover to Mallorca

Private jet from Hanover to Mallorca from FSH Premium Flugservice

Another great luxury of a charter flight is your independence with private jets from Hanover to Mallorca or to other destinations. Private jets are allowed to take off around the clock from most airports. You always decide when to take off and align the departure time with your plans instead of the other way round as with scheduled flights.

  • From Hanover to Mallorca, you can arrive at your holiday or business meeting in just two and a half hours by private jet.
  • If you otherwise have to plan several hours of additional time around your flight – and thus practically half a day and more – with charter flights you can get by with about another hour.
  • This means you can relax much earlier or attend important appointments.
  • For this purpose, our FSH Premium Flight Service organises private aircraft in all sizes and configurations for you.
  • Fly spontaneously alone, with your partner or the whole family, business partners and colleagues from Hanover to Mallorca – a suitable private aircraft is already waiting.

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