Private Jet Munich to Pisa

Fly from Munich to Pisa on a private jet

Tuscany and cities like Pisa or Florence are always tempting for a short or longer holiday and many business travellers also have to fly there frequently. For this purpose, charter flights and private jets are increasingly used from cities like Munich. Because they have a decisive advantage. Munich and Pisa are separated only by the Alps, but even so, journeys often take many hours or even more than a day, even by plane. Because there is no direct scheduled flight, you have to change planes at least once and that costs time and nerves. Only private jets fly directly from Munich to Pisa – because of their enormous time savings, they are increasingly in demand.

More about direct charter flights from Munich to Pisa

You can book a private jet from Munich to Pisa, other charter flights or even empty flights directly with our FSH Premium Flight Service. We will always organise a suitable private aircraft for you, even at short notice. For a non-binding offer, please contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Switching to a private jet is worthwhile. This way you reduce your travel time to a minimum and save many hours of time. Flights in a private jet from Munich to Pisa are just one example:

  • Take a direct flight in a private jet from Munich to Pisa.
  • Arrive in Tuscany in less than two hours.
  • Experience luxury and perfect service on board and on the ground.
  • Use General Aviation Terminals (GAT) for comfortable check-in in the shortest possible time.
Private Jet Munich to Pisa

Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss Airport and Pisa’s Galileo Galilei Airport both offer you one of these exclusive terminals. Check-in usually takes less than half an hour, during which you can enjoy comfortable lounges in the private jet terminals. There are no queues like at the big airports next door, nor are there long distances. You can pull up directly in front of the terminal in Munich and take off just as comfortably from Pisa Airport on your trip to Tuscany. Pisa Airport is only about two kilometres from the gates of the city.

It’s worth it: Why charter flights are so attractive

Wenn Sie mit mehreren Personen Linienflüge in der Business, Economy oder gar der First Class buchen, steht auf Ihrer Kreditabrechnung hinterher meist ein ähnlicher Betrag wie für den Charter eines Privatjets auf der gleichen Strecke. Grundsätzlich spart Ihnen der Privatjet aber immer sehr viel wertvolle Zeit – vor allem durch die eigene Abfertigung der Passagiere. Zugleich erreichen Sie viel mehr Städte als mit Linienflügen. Privatjets landen oder starten auch an zahlreichen kleinen Regionalflughäfen und schaffen so Direktverbindungen ohne zeitintensive Umwege. Das gilt hier auch für den Privatjet von München nach Pisa. Holen Sie sich dazu gleich ein unverbindliches Angebot vom FSH Premium Flugservice.

If you book scheduled flights in Business, Economy or even First Class with several people, your credit statement will usually show a similar amount afterwards as for chartering a private jet on the same route. Basically, however, the private jet always saves you a lot of valuable time – above all by handling the passengers yourself. At the same time, you can reach many more cities than with scheduled flights. Private jets also land or take off at numerous small regional airports, thus creating direct connections without time-consuming detours. This also applies here to the private jet from Munich to Pisa. Get a non-binding offer from FSH Premium Flugservice right away.

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